Advanced Training Course on Source Search and Secure

Mr. S. Bartilol attended an Advanced Training Course on Source Search and Secure between 13th and 18th August 2018 at The Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha.

The objective of the training was to equip participants with operations concepts, equipment use, planning and preparation for an actual orphan source search. The course involved both class and field work with the aim of imparting practical techniques and skills in source search during real scenarios.

The training was attended by 15 selected participants from Radiation Protection Board, Criminal Investigations Department, Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board and Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology. The same group attended the Basic Training course in July 2014 and it’s the aim of the government to have a response team that can respond to cases of securing orphaned or abandoned sources.

The program was sponsored by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, U.S.A and coordinated by Radiation Protection Board of Kenya.

The topics covered include:

  1. Search and Secure Operations
  2. Radiation Detection Equipment Overview
  3. Search and Secure using InSpector 1000™, PackEye, RadEye, Radiagem 2000 (NaI probe)
  4. Packaging and Transportation of Sealed Sources
  5. Advanced Search Procedures